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Experience in National and International Tenders

Over the past 10 years, LMS has participated and won numerous of international and national tenders, which we would like cite several of them as below:

  • Tender A0198 – Procurement of bed-nets and impregnation insecticides & supplies for the Ministry of Health (ADB project 1998).
  • Tender W0298-Procurement of motor – cycles for Ministry of Health, Nov 1998.
  • Tender 0598-Procurement of bed nets and impregnation insecticides and supplies for Ministry of Health, Nov 1998.
  • Tender W0498 –Procurement of Medical instrument, supplies equipment and furniture to hospitals and health centers in Savannakhet, Sekong, and Champassak provinces, Nov 1998.
  • Tender W100-Procurement of bed nets and impregnation insecticide and supplies for Ministry of Health, May 2000.
  • Tenders for Procurement of pharmaceutical products for Army, Police and other government hospitals.
  • Tender W0199-Procurement of medical equipment for southern  province hospitals and health centers of Savannakhet, Sekong and Champassak for the Project Coordination Unit, Ministry of Health, under World Bank and ADB projects, Oct 2000.

Our Main Market:

As you might already know, the market here in Laos is very small for big foreign companies for introducing their products because most doctors are not competent enough to follow the today high technology.
However, by having received quite a lot of supports from foreign countries, our local doctors have able to reach the requirement of international standard on their professional works. So owning to this, we have been able to notify some of our main foreign and local customers as below.

Foreign Customers:

Action Centre la Faim, Save Children UK, Enfants et Development, Enfants’Ailleurs, Entraide Medicate international, World Health Vision, Handicap, Care, CCCL, American Embassy, JICA- Japan Int’l Co-operation Agency-, Lao Luxembourg Project – Lao Luxemboung Hospital-Etc...

Business Expansion:

In 2002, LMS formed a joint venture with a Vietnamese company for the production, supply and distribution of high quality, by keeping low cost, of pharmaceuticals products in Lao PDR.
This company is named Medical Supply Corporation Ltd. (MSC). It distributes a wide range and most needed (essential drugs) of pharmaceuticals products to all hospitals pharmacies, and private clinics.

Consultancy Services in Health Care and Socio Economic Projects:

In mid-2002, LMS opened a new division to offer consultancy services to national and international agencies in health care, socio-economic projects, monitoring and evaluation sectors. This new division, LMS Consultancy Services, offers expertise to Lao Government Ministries; Aid Agencies such as: JICA, UN agencies, World Health Organization; NGOs such as: Save the Children, in projects covering a wide field of health care such as: HIV/Aids prevention and control, primary health care, essential drugs, health care financing, reproductive health, etc…

Our Future Developments:

We are working on establishing new project plans as follows: A training Centre for health workers, both government and private, which will support and strengthen those of the Ministry of Health and NGO’s.
A national essential drug distribution system which will help pharmacies and drug stores to manage inventory control to reduce costs through user-friendly computer systems

A system to facilitate private clinic in acquiring necessary and up-to-date medical equipment.  
LMS is a forward-looking modern organization, with wishes to continue, grow and broaden int’l services through high levels of professional expertise and business ethics. It intends to maintain its core business in the health sector, so that healthcare providers and the population of Lao can be better served by good quality products at competitive prices, and supported by excellent back – up services of technical expertise.